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Business Immigration Solutions

by Hamid R. Kashani, Attorney at Law
Nov 07, 2018

Businesses in the United States have several choices for employing foreign-born managers, executives, professionals, skilled and unskilled workers, and traders and investors. Depending on the circumstances, these individuals can come to the United States either as immigrants (receiving a green card) or as nonimmigrants (for a limited number of years).

Position Type Category Immigration Status
Managers &
Multinational Managers & Executives Immigrant
Intracompany Transferees Nonimmigrant
Professionals Professionals with Advanced Degree Immigrant
Professionals Immigrant
People of Extraordinary Ability Immigrant
Outstanding Professors & Researchers Immigrant
People of Exceptional Ability Immigrant
National Interest Waiver Immigrant
Temporary Professionals (H-1B) Nonimmigrant
NAFTA Professionals Nonimmigrant
Skilled &
Unskilled Workers
Skilled Worker Immigrant
Unskilled Worker Immigrant
Investors &
EB-5 Investors Immigrant
Treaty Traders Nonimmigrant
Treaty Investors Nonimmigrant
Others Other Temporary Professionals & Workers Nonimmigrant


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